Sunday, December 26, 2004

happy boxing day to everyone and belated merry christmas!!! >.<

this is the gift i got from dear.. i hate to hunt for bags so i am always grateful when someone buys me bag.. my ex, daniel, oso likes to gimme bag.. lolx..

sat: was woken up at 11am to get rdy for my uncle's house party.. it was a tradition to exchange gifts wif them every year de but due to some reasons, we decided not to this year.. i bought my logcake over and was shocked when uncle felix gave me and my bro presents.. reason being they went hong kong so they give us the present.. lolx..

this is the fullerton logcake.. it actually taste very nice and for those who dun really like cream and too sweet stuffs, u wil love this cake juz like me..

the white logcake behind was bought by uncle Joe but it didn taste great coz too creamy le..

the above 2pics is my cousin stephen.. he is the fat body whom i mentioned abt but nvr took a pic.. finally, i managed to.. he is abt 1 yr 6 mth but weighs 15kg.. he juz learned how to walk only.. i love his eye lashes.. for the third pic is my other two cousins, sarah and samuel.. sarah is the damn smart cousin whom i hav talked abt to some of u and very pretty too..

the top i got from uncle felix as a gift..

stayed home the rest of the day..

p.s. every christmas, i feel so blessed to be stil living and hav the ability to hav fun and exchange present.. so everyone out thr, treasure ur life and make the fullest use of it.. no matter come wad may, believe that thr is smth better which wil come along ur way.. muackz!!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

since i hav not update for so long and i have dory syptoms which made me cant remember wad happen last wk so i shall update wad happen this wk.. >.<
better den not update rite?)

on sun and mon, dear was sick so i slack at home and go work.. nth much le..
bought this earring on tue last wk wif iris.. i love it but alot of top cant match wif this..

went sch ytd.. omg.. sch is stil the most fun.. u get to see ur friends, joke ard, lame ard.. so fun to be in school.. we took afew pics using iris' dig cam so muz wait for her to upload before i can post.. after sch, we are supposed to hav our little gift exchange session.. adel and shirley also decided to join in the fun!! so now we hav 7 ppl exchanging.. (the 7 ppl are iris, elaine, rong, sha, adel, shirley and me)
too bad sha had drama class if not, buahahha.. iris n me went shopping ard at taka while giving rong, shirley and adel time to shop for gift.. upon reaching far east, we start to lame ard while waiting for elaine.. we arranged all the gifts and took pics of them.. haha..
and the drawing of lots begin.. iris was so nice.. she cut and wrote all our names beforehand in a coca cola tin.. =)
each took turns to draw and i ended up taking adel's present.. lolx.. it was so fun.. the process of drawing and unwrapping the present.. it was so fun that shirley sms rong and ask if rong wan to exchanging present between themselves.. *bish*

this was the present i got.. a necklance and 2 pairs of stud earrings.. thanx adel!! i will wear it and remember u de.. *mushy*

after that, dear came to meet me and had dinner wif iris and rong at sakura.. rong didn eat coz she ate at seoul garden earlier on.. we ordered our usuals hotplate beancurd, hotplate chicken wif dried chilli, sambal kangkong.. *yummy* i can nvr get sick of their food.. so nice..

after eating, rong and iris went ktv wif their sec sch friend i tink.. while dear accompany me in search of my dress or top for christmas.. fri is eve, wed n thur i work nite.. if i stil dun buy, no time to buy le.. so i bought this pink spag top from forever 21.. $53, abit ex la but no choice le and its dear choose de.. very very girl hor?

the second pic is a close up on the lace and the "fake" stones.. i love that part..

to end of, here's another pic of myself.. buahaha..

tmr i am gotta get up supper early to go orchard and hunt for dear's present.. hiak.. till den, tata!!

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

guys always flirt ard, hav affairs and tink that its appropriate.. some worse ones turn ard and put the fault on their gfs.. when we treat u good, u take us for granted.. when we treat u bad, u say we dun care.. whatever u can do, we cant and whatever u cant do, we cant too! talking abt fair... ... as if!

u say girls need guys.. yes, i admit we need companionship, we are afraid of loneliness.. but so wad? say us straight la, dun bad mouth k?

say wad need freedom, need time to be alone.. we always try our best to accomodate but wad do we get in return? sometimes we are even blame for giving too much thats y guys wil flirt ard.. at times when we are curious abt wad u do outside but yet didn ask for fear of u being angry..

i am ok.. juz my thoughts only..

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Friday, December 17, 2004

it has been so long ever since i update.. haha.. school was so fun on tues as far as u can remember.. i am looking for nice dresses which are not too formal and exaggerating.. anyone wif lobang, pls tell me whr.. i need it urgently.. thanx.. >.<

i juz cut my hair at heritage on thur.. omg, their skills are really worth the $55.. the guy who washed my hair was so pro.. massage my head, temples and skull.. it was so god damn good that my dear fell asleep.. lolx.. my fringe is very very very short now.. wait til dear send me the pics and i wil post it.. =)

this few days at work, i know a guy yoon hock.. he is damn crappy but fun to be wif.. all the aunties and uncles, guys and gurls are so friendly but too bad fullerton mgmt sort of sux.. ehh, w/o pics really very bored hor? hmm, bear wif it meanwhile first ba.. =p

p.s. here's a very blur pic of me now.. coz its at nite and i am using my webcam which quality sux bug time.. lolx..

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

All School Of Biz year 3 students who read my blog.. Pls click HERE to vote for the venue which u peeps want for our prom nite!! a preview of the hotels are "the fullerton hotel", "marriot hotel", "hyatt hotel", "shangri la hotel" and "holiday inn".. i am choosing between fullerton and hyatt coz shangri la too far le..

alrite, the reason i am home today is coz i hav 2 days MC and y leh? coz i fell down ytd at raffles mrt station on the stairs and my thigh and knees hav 2 enormous blue black.. i am walking wif a limp now and its really this bad.. *sobsob* yes, y am i so clumpsy? sadsad.. hope i can recover in time to go celebrate wif rong her bday and i tink i wil recover de!! i have not even work 1 month and already took 3days MC.. lolx.. *opps*

sat i didn meet edison.. hee.. after my work i went bukit panjang find dear for supper.. den took cab home.. reach home abt 4am.. mama scold the hell out of me..

sun, after dear lesson at bbdc, we had our late lunch at one of the coffee shop thr.. in my sec sch i always go thr for their porridge.. it is nicer den the famous porridge stall at bukit timah.. i feel la.. after that meetup wif ron and shirley for KTV... but the ktv was horrible coz of the horrible ron thr.. wadever song i sing he disturb.. later part i pek chek den dun sing.. end up we pick almost 80% of jay chou's songs in the playlist and sing along.. buahaha.. after ktv, went holland V cafe for coffee and food.. i tried the raspberry latte.. it look so nice but tasted not bad.. the pic is wif dear.. again, reach home ard 1.30am..

thats basically my life.. mon and tues work.. wed fell down.. thur and fri MC.. a summary.. *keke*

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Saturday, December 04, 2004

realised that i haven been updating my blog for the past wk.. lolx.. due to my hectic work life, i only feel like sleeping when i reached home.. am working the 3-11pm shift these few days.. very tired leh..
MON, i waited for dear to finish work and accompany him to BBDC but he realised that we cant book on the spot.. so he booked for tue lesson..

TUE, accompany dear took train to BBDC again den when he go for his lesson, i went home.. i am so nice rite?

WED,go home after work... THUR, go home after work...

FRI, meet up wif iris and rong after work.. they came fullerton to fetch me and we intended to go NYDC de but its NOT 24hrs.. so we went to coffee club.. as usual, we ordered more food den we can finished.. *lolx* we had "wasabi soft shell crab", "potato wedges", "new york cheese cake" and 3 glasses of "ice vanilla mocha".. the mocha is very nice wif a scope of ice-cream de.. *hee* that iris ar, really look so "child-like".. noe wad? she keep complaining that the soft shell crab looks disgusting and give that stupid face.. end up she ate all our soft shell crab's legs!!! *hahaz* and i am extrememly clumpsy that day.. i spilled a glass of water and make the pepper bottle drop.. omg, it was so embarassing.. when we finished bitching and eating, it was ard 130.. dear came find me to take cab so cheaper ma.. *bleahz* den rong and iris went off first.. we continue walk ard abit den took cab home.. reached home abt 230am lo..

SAT, i can predict my day today.. will be working from 3-11 again!! *duhz* den after that no one wan to meet me.. might be meeting edison for pool tonight.. who cares?

i coooked this at home on thur.. juz a pic to make my blog not so boring.. *lolx*

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