Wednesday, June 30, 2004

tink i too many days nvr go out le.. super nua now.. mood oso not very gd.. kanna nag for so long this morning.. wad a way to start off my day.. anyone wan go out, feel free to jio me out.. i am rotting le..

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

well.. stayed home for both ytd and today.. nua home whole day and nth to update.. but smth interesting happen last nite ard 2am.. i lie down on bed trying to slp early ard 12 but toss and turn til 2 stil cant slp.. suddenly ed call me say he helping adran move stuffs and ask if i wan supper at my house downstairs.. at first i scare mum kb me so i decline but they 2 keep tempt me.. so i dun care le, change and went downstairs.. first time ok? damn scare eh.. but it was fun doing this.. *hiak hiak*
tats all folks..

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Monday, June 28, 2004


是谁捡到我的爱 在阳光还没醒来 灰色的云在窗外
你的行李没打开 朝向门外的姿态 下一秒就要飞开
我听着你的理由直发呆 预感一场雪就要下了

I don' t wanna lose u now I don' t wanna lose u now
心在狂叫 一点讯号 都没有说出 让你知道
I don' t wanna lose u now I don' t wanna lose u
把门关上 第一场雪 就狂飘

我一直都不明白 倔强和寂寞比赛 是自恋还是自欺心态
眼睁睁看你走开 就是不让泪掉下来 连自己都感意外
你的告别无瑕的像一种姿态 最后甜美的婉转表白

I don' t wanna lose u now I don' t wanna lose u now
心在狂叫 一点讯号 都没有说出 让你知道
I don' t wanna lose u now I don' t wanna lose u
把门关上 第一场雪 就狂飘

这一场雪会下多久 心情没有气象预报 把我困在雪的城堡
我只能够不断听到 我的心回音渺渺

I don' t wanna lose u now and I don' t wanna lose u now oh
I don' t wanna lose u now I don' t wanna lose u now
心在狂叫 一点讯号 都没有让你知道

I don' t wanna lose u now I don' t wanna lose u
把门关上 第一场雪 就狂飘 喔
(I don' t wanna lose u now I don' t wanna lose u )

Wo 都没有让你知道
I don' t wanna lose u now I don' t wanna lose u
把门关上 第一场雪 就狂~飘

i have grown to like this song alot.. by elva..

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

today gonna stay home the whole day and be good girl.. well, its elaine bday so lets wish her a happy bday ya? huggies gurl..

ytd: 4plus meet edwin to go pasir ris for a job fair thingy.. we took bus 67 and it took us ard 2hr to reach tampinese.. omg!! on the way thr, we keep toking abt food and since we both are glutton, we decided to eat first before going for the fair.. after dinner, we went to pasir ris only to realise that the fair closed le.. *wtf* 7plus and no more le.. wad fair is that? forget it.. den took train to tampinese and took 168 to woodlands.. from woodlands, took 961 to bukit timah plaza play pool.. noe how long we waited for the bus? a farking 40mins.. lucky dear wif me if not i sure pek chek til nth to say.. one guy even sort of questioned the bus driver.. *fierce* played pool til 11.40 den slowly make our way home.. though today is all bus ride and nth special.. i enjoyed my day so much.. and i am begining to wonder y me n ed are so talkative.. we can tok for everynight til 4am, 5am.. are we really so crappy? *hee*

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You're Perfect ^^
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i got the same result as iris.. buahah.. got this test from iris's blog though

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

this is the afogato.. wif the espresso below and an ice-cream on top..

nice ma? buahaha..

half eaten cake.. opps..

half eaten pear cake.. yuckz! dun ever try this..

edwin is so cute!! hahaz..

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Friday, June 25, 2004

it has 2days long since i update my blog.. abit the lazy eh.. moreover the pics are stil in edwin's phone and his com is down so well..

wed: met edwin at bukit timah plaza coz he was playing pool wif dave.. played pool awhile til 6plus.. den me n ed proceed to cineleisure to have "yoshinuoya".. yar, i noe spelling wrong but as long as u all can get it den ok le.. den we proceed to the cafe at cineleisure, tink is call "butter???" forgot le ar.. den actually wanna juz sit down for a drink but saw the ice-cream waffle.. we both were like drooling le so we ordered one.. no harm hor? *hiak hiak* den reached home ard 12..

today: meet edwin and dave at bukit gombak coz ed went to register for basic theory.. accompany dave to jurong pt coz he nid to go church.. yes, dave go church.. *unbelieveable* after he went off, me n ed slowly proceed home.. took 187 and the journey wad like 1hr 30mins.. reached home ard 9 den went to "garlic restaurant" at esplanade coz is my granda's bday.. juz reached home not long ago.. my com is useable le.. juz installed everything.. no more lagging out for my fairyland le..

tmr gotta meet edwin, dave again.. help dave choose shirt.. hahaz.. nitez..

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babyjazz is a radioactive squirrel!!



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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

i am baq from the camp!~!~ ermm, actually is ytd but hee, as usual la.. coz i didn slp for 2 consecutive days hoh..

the camp was fun!! except for a part when one grp insisted on going home.. yes, 1 whole grp.. i dun believe it when they say they are juz tired.. imagine 1 whole grp giving same excuse but end up, they stil stayed on.. i was the program IC, so tired eh.. me n iris gotta walk n walk in the sun, den shout to give instructions and afew farking things were scrwed up but nvm.. prepare all the equipments.. *yawnz* i stil tink the best part was the "night walk" and the "drag competition".. real highlights of the camp.. buahaha..

faisal was being sabo by us to be the drag queen for the facilitators.. he was designed by me, iris, sha..

this is the incomplete version.. we added a hairband on him too!!

this is the 3rd position..

2nd de..

finally, the 1st.. he is so pretty from behind..

i find this the most disgusting one!~

hmm, i oso lz to write the details of the camp and i tink u guys oso lz read all the details.. thr are some games pic in iris's phone.. wait til she upload den i hiak hiak.. *evil*

while waiting for ppl to come to mine n iris game station, i took this pic.. nice rite?

reach home ard 5pm den rush to bathe and change.. guess wad? i didn slp thought i hav slept for less den 3hrs for the past 48hrs.. i went orchard to meet dear edwin!! haha.. we went ktv wif Ron and Shirley(ron's wifey).. but becoz of my throat, i cant sing alot.. sang a few songs and didn do well.. hahaz.. den went supper at bukit timah.. ate porridge wif alot of dishes.. realise that shirley oso same as me, likes to eat alot.. *lol* den took cab home.. ard 1am den home.. bathe, tok tok on phone den zzz..

this morning, my stupid friend call me at 11am call me pass him his keys.. coz he left it at the chalet.. now i am feeling so slpy.. tink i go catch a wink coz later meeting ed..

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

CANCER & CAPRICORN: Polar opposites, Usually there is a lot of chemistry, but the Goat does not usually have the time to show you enough affection. If you can put up with their workaholic ways you can rest assured that you will be well-taken care of financially.

CAPRICORN & CANCER: You are polar opposites that do quite well together. You feed each other exactly what's needed. Security from you and loyalty and trust from the Crab.

p.s. took from vivian's blog.. cancer is me while capricorn is edwin.. *hee*

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i tink my headache is gone!! left wif a cough and flu only.. hee.. ..

sat: meet dear 4 at his house downstairs den proceed to far east to eat the ramen ten.. forgot to take pics.. *opps* binge til forget abt it.. den we went to walk ard far east in hope of finding a braclet/leather culf which suit me but to no avail.. went heeren and taka.. saw a quite sophisticated black braclet which is not bad and a sweet bracelet at take.. might be going thr to buy it.. oh, i bought a ring at heeren.. all thanx to edwin for helping me to choose.. it was really nice going shopping wif ed.. at least he is true in his comments.. not nice he wil say not nice.. some guys everything oso nice.. *lolx* den slowly walk to monster que for pool session.. saw my twin-kiatz and lebon thr.. so they joined us for afew rds den went for their movies.. as for me n ed, we stayed til ard 11.30 den went off.. reach home bout 12.45..

sun: nth to update as it it 11.10 now only.. juz woke up only.. my maternal side relatives are coming over for mahjong session and lunch.. as for me, i am going for my camp til tues late noon.. i am so used to talking to ed over the phone before slp.. haix.. 2nites w/o talking and seeing him.. stupid sha and faisal wil both be at the camp together de!! *hmpf* do miss me k peeps.. ciaoz..

not very clear hor? aiya, juz a rough idea.. front view..

back view.. though it look the same.. hahaz

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Friday, June 18, 2004

today woke up so early at ard 8.. went sch for the last meeting with all the facs and camp com ppl before the camp.. well, my n iris job was impt today coz we try out all the programs.. and we are the ICs.. well, billy came SP look for iris so she went off at ard 3 while sha went hospital to check her eyes.. left me alone in sch wif the rest but it was fun coz everyone was so funny.. hahaz.. sha came back to sch wif faisal for the final part of the meeting.. we all left at 7.. sha very bad, she purposely wan to make me envy!! she said iris got billy and she got faisal wif them now.. edwin not wif me.. she say edwin dunwan me le!! *sobz* but nvm, i noe its not true.. buahaha.. dunno y my heahache is aching so much though i hav no fever.. lefting only a bad cough.. actually for ytd and today, i pop 2 panadols the moment i wake up so that i can survive the day.. when will my head be ok?

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

What Name Should You Have? by Lauren

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i am better le, left wif only cough and sore throat.. but today when i woke up, i had a terrible headache n flu again!! sianz..

here's my update for ytd.. yes, i am lazy, i admit i ytd lazy to update.. meet up wif edwin 3plus at PS to watch "day after tommorrow".. finally rite? *grinz* coz the show was 3.50 and we reach ard 3.13, thr was only row 1 left.. neck ache sia.. *Zzz* to make things worse, thr was a couple seating beside me, the girl keep looking over at me and figeting.. even ed oso realise.. *irritating* the show was nice!! nvr regret.. coz ed got to meet his sec sch friends for a gathering, he accompany me walk walk awhile den send me to the mrt station and off home i went.. upon reaching woodlands, saw faisal, sha.. showed them the pics ed gave me.. *proud* lolx..

this is the first row proof.. haha..

this was the neoprint we took the other day.. tink too blur.. so i didn snap the other one..

these 2 are the pics edwin gave me.. his cam so cool.. can use red and yellow filter.. notice the first one is slightly red and the 2nd one yellow? hee..

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

haix... i am sick, so very sick.. ate so much panadols ytd but the fever juz wun go down.. luckily it did went down abit.. but now i stil very weak like totally no strength.. thats y didn update ytd..

ytd went for the job training at 10am.. i was struggling thru the whole trip wif iris, sha and faisal.. head was throbbing but no choice..

this is our first destination, sentosa.

2nd destination, bird park

last destination, zoo

after that, ate lunch den met edwin wif iris ard 4 at tcc cafe.. i was like freezing and shivering at the cafe lor.. we left quickly after ed and iris finish his meal.. den went to guardian to buy panadol extra.. ate 2 of it.. well, it took like 2hrs for my fever to subside abit.. by then iris went off to find her sis le.. ed keep wanting me to go home but i dunwan.. it has been 6days since i last saw him.. how can i go home? anyway, was feeling abit better le.. thanx to edwin for forcing me to drink water and ate abit if not i dun tink i will eat anything.. though i juz ate like 1/3 of the fishball noodles, at least better den nth rite? walk walk abit den took bus home while ed meet up wif his friends play pool.. i really wan to thank iris and edwin for looking after me.. *hee* thanx orh..

this pic was taken outside my chalet.. look at our shag faces..

p.s. all pics in curtesy of iris..

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

i am baq!! got miss me ma? dun tink so rite? hmm..

FRI: meet up wif iris and shawn n eve.. end up i first to reach chinablack so i queued up for them first.. saw james while we were thr but he dun let me cut.. *hmpf* coz queue too long so we had to pay for cover.. the housepour thr really sux.. no alcohol taste de.. i drink wift iris lamborgini.. i stil prefer lambor to waterfall coz of the baileys.. stil got drink vodka, long island, tequila.. shld be thats all le.. *lol* slack at mac til 4am, me n iris ook cab to pasir ris ate supper.. called and meet up wif shuming den went to my chalet ard 9plus.. and its sat le..

SAT: ate BK breakfast ard 10 den iris went off while i went back to chalet.. managed to catch 1hr pathetic slp den my friends jio me go ktv.. *hee* went paradiz k-box from 2.30-8.. ended paying $24/pax.. went back chalet for bbq.. went beach walk walk den cannot tahan le.. went to slp at 5am..

SUN: woke up 8am, lame ard and checked out at 10.. proceed to bukit timah (al-ameen) eat lunch.. had my pattaya rice thr.. *yummy* actually they wanna play pool but i half-dead le.. took bus home and reach home ard 2.. tok to edwin on phone den nap awhile..

p.s. it has been 6days since i saw edwin le.. he nid to work.. hopefully tmr can see him.. *prayz*

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Friday, June 11, 2004

finally got my IE working le.. all thanx to elaine's friend, "donkey". haha.. well, ytd actually suppose to go sch but damn lazy plus iris told me she not going, gave me more reasons not to go.. so met up wif xl and elaine 2plus at taka.. sorry xl for being late.. *hee* den went walk walk lor.. when iris came, we went alot of shops to try clothes.. saw a tube i quite like.. tink i wil go back buy it.. anyway, bought a top at "little match girl" at far east.. its a purple top and a first purple top in my wardrobe.. ate at ramen ten.. i ate the "tom yum spicy chicken cutlet".. nice nice but spicy.. me, iris and elaine's food are all spicy.. but different type of spicyness.. today is my dearest iris bday.. happy bday iris!!! wish u all the best k? no matter wad, i am gonna to accomapny u tonight.. buhaahaha.. *hugs and muackz*
tink u guys will miss me coz i going chalet le til sunday den come back..

here's the top.. dunno if clear anot.. coz my dig cam wif daddy.. i use webcam took de..

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

today actually going sch and watch harry potter de but damn lazy to leave my house.. lolx.. so slack whole day at home.. being so long since i spent whole day at home le.. ytd went dinner and pool-ing wif daniel coz he today go in army le.. nth much to write abt le.. boring me rite? to end off, here's a pic i promise dunno how long ago.. me and geraldine.. *paiseh* =D

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

well, looks like i gotta tok abt ytd again.. went sch for the camp pre-breifing for freshmen at 10.. den after that intend to go shopping de but Ron called and ask me n iris go ktv.. well, so we met up wif edwin, ron and ron's collegue at cine after eating at BK.. the package was from 4-9.. but me, edwin and iris went till 6pm.. iris dun like frog leg so she didn went dining wif us.. *sad* dinner was at chinatown wif mark, val(mark's gf), adran, shu min, me and ed.. den proceed to eat durian at one of the alleys.. *yum yum*

den slowly make our way to lido.. catching a 9.45 show.. forgot the title le.. smth like "....eternal sunshine..." =p this show is not recommended! boring show.. its like less den 2hrs but the show seem like eternity.. lucky i watched it wif ed, so its like better.. lolx.. after the show, everyone was very tired.. so we went home.. had a nice day today..

p.s. i ate so much ytd.. lunch: BK dinner: fish porridge wif claypot and jiang cong frog legs after dinner: durian

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

well.. started off my dad by going to my grandpa's house.. saw my cousins again.. they hav grown so tall le.. omg!! haha.. ate dinner there den proceed to expo wif my uncle.. thr got metro fair, pc pair, car fair (but only hyundai).. i bought a compaq PC wif pentium 4, 2.6GHZ, 80GB, 512ram, cd-rw and dvd-rw for $1.5k.. haix, is it too ex? nvm..

as promised, this is the top i bought at m)phosis ytd..

this is the slipper i bought..

hush puppy shoe.. damn cheap.. $39 only.. buahahha..

first bag..

2nd bag..

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well.. ytd got up at 5am den went bukit pajang meet edwin den took bus to suntec.. waited in the rain for like 3hrs? lucky got a kind malay couple lend us umbrella.. ed went to the room ard 9.50 while i go suntec walk.. thinking that its juz a 3hrs wait, i decided to wait lor.. but ard 1plus i msg him, he said thr are like 200 ppl in front of him.. so i went home first.. lucky i went home coz his audition end like 6? meet ed 7 at suntec city for kopi and dinner.. reached home ard 12.. well, this is kidda a screwed up day for us.. so end of story.. no more questions asked.. while waiting for him, i bought a top from m)phosis.. wanted to buy a top from >GG5 but the kinted top very very lose so i forget abt it.. its a spag la.. but i tink can be made into a tube.. haha.. shit, i cant log on to sharemation to upload my pics.. how ar? tonight den i upload ba..

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Friday, June 04, 2004

today went ktv wif my friends.. saw Ron at doby gaut.. i was on my way to meet other friends at PS.. before that we were at k-ster at chinatown.. for the early bird pakage, its only like $3.99+++ per person for 3hrs.. the bill for 3person was $19.. damn cheap rite?? haha.. ate lunch at cartel.. omg, so so full.. nth much to add le.. tonight muz sleep early coz tmr gotta wake up at 5am.. lolx.. to accompany edwin for the S'pore idol.. good luck orh.. huggies..

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

today went to eat sakae wif mummy and bro for lunch.. dunno y i got no appetite.. hee.. den mummy acc me til 3 den i took train to chinatown meet shin lor.. shit man, i prepare the song "yin wei ni mei shuo" by ah-mei.. coz they say muz acapella ma.. den when i went thr, a guy call peter wanted to play the piano while i sing.. he dunno this song and thus call me to change.. u shld noe ma, when one is nervous, how to remember the lyrics.. i shrewed everything up.. coz i sing 2songs, all half half de.. den somemore got 1 part out of tune.. nvm.. they say call me dun follow sun yanzi's style.. hmm.. dun care.. lolx.. went home after that.. den watch some tv.. nua till now.. guess not much le.. tmr might be going ktv wif my sec sch friends.. yes, i heard u guys scream "AGAIN"? haha

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

nth much to blog about since i home today.. so i shall post some pics to entertain u peeps.. but really very bo liao pics.. dun scold me orh.. nua at home whole day.. =p

one of the dishes that my mum cook today..

this is a book chosen by edwin for me.. its really a nice book.. funny and really the feelings of women.. lolx..

taken by my webcam.. kidda blur and unclear hor? hmm...

p.s. tmr i am going wif shin to a music company at chinatown for audition.. shin lor, pull me go.. well.. go thr sia suay!! buahahah...

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

this is the stevie b's song that i cried upon hearing.. i haven even read the lyrics before when i heard this song at fei's blog.. lolx.. *exxagerating rite* but its real..

Stevie B_-_when i dream about you

There was a time in my life
When I opened my eyes and there you were
You were more then a dream
I could reach out and touch you girl
That was long ago
There are somethings that I guess I'll never know
When you love someone you got to learn to let them go

When I dream about you
Thats when everything's alright
You're in my arms, here next to me, forever
When I dream about you
Girl you never go away
Just close my eyes wait for my dreams
Cuz I still love loving you

How can I get you to see
That I'm fallin apart since you've been gone
I could never be sure
I could never let go
Your love is much too strong
There are somethings that I guess I'll never know
When you love someone you got to learn to let them go

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