Monday, May 31, 2004

to start off, here's a big pic of me to scare u guys.. *lolx*
well, today went ktv wif xing long, yi ling, edwin and dave.. omg!! my right hand hav 4 bruises all thanx to dave!! nvm nvm.. it was fun den had dinner with xl and edwin lor.. so long nvr see yi ling le.. finally... nth much le.. post some pics from zouk give u all see. dun say no pics.. ermm.. but all this pics are by iris's 7200.. charge advertising fees from nokia.. *crapz*

our only grp pic but zouk too dark le.. zzz..

wanted to take the menu but not accurate.. we having supper!!

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Sunday, May 30, 2004

lazy to update.. haha.. meet edwin ard 2.30 at bukit panjang.. took bus to cine to eat BK for lunch.. den went to walk walk at taka.. i dunno how to shop in crowds de so didn bought anything as thr was lots lots lots of ppl..lolx.. went kino to see mags den went library whr edwin help me choose a book.. went to gusto cafe, sit down eat desserts and hav a drink.. i hav the pics but wif edwin.. wait for him upload k? *wink* continue shop ard.. den went borders while more.. walk 3 bus-stop to wait for bus.. i like walking.. had an enjoyable day coz can meet him on weekends.. thats all le..

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Saturday, May 29, 2004

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seems like not very true for me eh.. lolx..

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singapore sales hav came.. haha.. but i saw the amount of ppl ytd, i go "omg"!!! really alot.. u look at the queues and u will faint.. becoz i meeting edwin and his friends for steamboat at 7.15, didn really get to shop lor.. after sch, went shopping wif iris.. i bought a black spag and 3undies.. iris oso bought 3undies and some clothes ba.. coz after i went off, she go meet her sis.. due to some wrong food i took during lunch, my stomach feels "spicy".. when eating steamboat, i hav to eat the non-spicy part.. i love to eat ma la huo guo but haix.. *but i oso got eat abit* haha.. gonna meet edwin ard 1plus,2.. =p

p.s. edwin and faisah are taking part in the S'pore idols.. me and sha are gonna support them.. give them yr support k? hee..

My grades for this sem:

5Cs, 2As..
my friend say i perfect carrer coz got 5Cs.. cars, credit card, condo, cash.... .. pui pui

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

meet geraldine, my sec sch friend, 12 at JE today.. went out lor.. after so long didn see each other le.. went wheellocks for lunch at NYDC.. yum yum!! becoz we too full, noe wad we did? we walk to far east, den walk all the way to bugis den to city hall.. from thr, took train home.. met so many ppl today.. few sec friends, edison, lecture mates and "monkey pig".. geraldine found a bf le and she seems to hao lian to me.. her bf quite tall, yandao.. lolx.. dun care her.. we took a few pics on her dig cam.. wait til she send me.. she is one hot hot babe!! trust me..

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

haha.. i installed my webcam... so fun but very blur.. i try attaching a few give u guys see.. today went sch for meeting lor.. den lame ard as usual.. nth much lar.. edwin send me the pics le.. but for one pic, he cut away his face.. hmpf.. =p

this is the pic edwin cut out himself..

this is my toga.. haha

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I ALMOST GOT KNOCKED DOWN BY A LORRY!!! if i am like 2secs slower, thr goes my life.. and u guys wun be seeing me or hearing from me anymore.. juz die like this and leaving so much wishes unfufilled.. so much thoughts were rammaging thru my head that i wasn't concentrating on crossing the rd.. i was so moody and i dunno y.. really dunno y.. played pool wif my friend, lost all rounds.. my aiming sux and i couldn't even get a straight shot in.. WTF!! waited 40mins for a stupid bus and it was damn packed that i couldn't board.. no choice but to wait for another one.. so many ppl in the bus and keep knocking into me.. argh!! feel like slapping everyone of them for not apologising..

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Monday, May 24, 2004

i like always lag 1 day hor? sunday update sat life.. monday update sun's life.. coz ytd my dad brought the whole lap top to his office so i cant use..

nth much happen ytd though.. daddy drive us to grandpa' house, den we slack thr till 4 when my cute pri 2 and 3 cousins came wif my uncle and aunt lor.. joke joke ard and saw that children really grow up very fast.. they can change so much in juz a month time.. we were discussing whr to eat when i suddenly say "fishermen's village" and they juz say ok lor.. hahaz.. so i took train wif mum and bro to pasir ris mrt coz dad didn go, no one drive.. den my uncle pick us up at mrt station after leaving his wife and child at pasir ris park..

sting ray, omelette, butter oat prawn, crab, vege and some rojak... omg.. its so nice.. though i prefer soft shell crab, calamari but grandpa dun like orh.. but nevertheless, stil very yummy..

well, i took some pics using my dad's office dig cam but i tink before i hav a chance to upload, he bring back le.. sianz.. well, edwin upload my pics le.. after he gimme the link, i put here k? =p

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Sunday, May 23, 2004

took this test in curtesy of veron.. click here

jess lee, your responses indicate that you are a very friendly, warm, and calm individual. You use persuasion to influence people and do not make unnecessary demands upon them. If you are called upon to delegate both authority and details, you do so with ease. When you are dealing with an idea or project, you prefer to focus on its overall substance rather than on its specific details. Too much structure or too many rules is not appealing to you. Since you enjoy interacting with people, it follows that you are highly effective in activities involving them.

how true is this?

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last nite didn update coz late and lazy to on computer le..

well, meet up wif edwin ard 3.. but wtf, due to some embarassing incident, went up to his house to get help.. *hee* reach marina square already 5 le.. ate at cavana for dinner, laugh ard, den walk all the way to somewhr near bugis "pool pusion" to play pool while waiting for adran.. after he came, continue playing den went MAC for his dinner.. kaoz eh, that adran keep saying abt my legs.. say very fat la, chicken thigh la.. luckily i can take it, if not he DIE!! haha.. after his dinner, slack awhile den go find jerr, another of edwin's friend.. accompany him eat dinner AGAIN.. haha.. me and edwin today main job is to accompany ppl eat dinner de.. they suggested go eat "tou hua" at a different coffee shop so thr we went.. ate and again luff and lame ard.. OMG!! today damn lame lor.. by them already like 11pm le.. jerr went home took his own cue coz they playing pool once again.. POOL FREAKS RITE? *jk* den drive me to braddel took train home coz i dunwan go play pool wif them again le.. reach home ard 12.15.. =p

a happy day overall though thr were adran and jerr ard.. *hiak hiak*

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Friday, May 21, 2004

went sch early in the morning at 11am.. wah, i dunno they meeting in T2147.. i went foodcourt no ppl de.. luckily saw the chairman, clarence, if not i oso dunno how coz sha and iris both very late den my hp no batt.. discuss abt the camp, very happening de and m looking very forward to it on 21st june! went for lunch den went to SB clubhouse discuss more things.. had alot of laughter thr wif clarence, 2 malay girls and vincent coz clarence very very LAME.. even more lame den me, iris, sha , elaine combine together.. *lolx* our camp is very toturing, cant imagine all the freshies..

went clementi play pool wif iris today.. while sha went to check-up for her eyes.. sha, take care of yr eyes ar.. dun wear contact if it haven recover hoh! i wan to complain!! dunno is iris lucky or me unlucky today.. she keep snook me or stick my white ball wif other balls together.. how i play? >_< it seems like we play awhile nia but 1hr 30mins juz passed so fast.. well, this is mine and iris life today..

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

hihi.. juz finish eating my dinner.. *yummy*

went out ard 3pm ytd.. went to watch "50 first date" wif my friend coz she say this show finishing le.. ate dinner den meet edwin at PS. actually wanted go chinablack for some drinks before going zouk de but end up iris wan to acc billy eat dinner, i oso acc edwin eat dinner so i was late.. sorry darling elaine and sha.. met them outside chinablack ard 9.45 den took cab to zouk.. shin, shin's friend, xing long, eve, iris, sha, elaine, marvin and me went in bout 10.40 ba.. saw so many so many friends.. marcus la, adran, ryan, daniar, melvin, roy bla bla.. as usual, me and iris share afew shots when it was 1 for 1.. everyone went phuture after that but it was damn damn packed though the music was fantastic.. it was quite fun but packed lor.. so surprised to see haze jie thr.. *muackz* thr was 1 guy like abit siao siao de.. he keep bua-ing me.. den hold my hand ask for a dance.. the worse thing is iris tot he was okay so push me to him.. i gave them the "eeee" face, haha.. lucky xing long save me.. thankies.. hmmm.. left at 3 lor.. slack outside for very long thinking whr to supper.. i confirm is go bukit timah coz i meet edwin eat thr.. den sort of psycho the rest to came along.. imagine we ate rice wif dishes for out "supper cum breakfast cum lunch" at 4am??? lolx.. all of us are smart ppl.. we chatted til 6 den took cab.. the rest of the details nth much le.. overall, it was fun la.. coz i hav never club wif shin and the rest.. u guys totally roxz!!
oh yar, we took some pics but in iris's phone.. so hmm... pester her..

p.s. now i muz thank edwin for accompanying me before and after zouk.. *huggies*

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Monday, May 17, 2004

didn update ytd coz nth to update abt my daily life since it is so boring.. was home the whole day.. other den online awhile, reading a comic my friend intro (yashitate, japan), eat, i was slacking the whole day.. while everyone happily enjoying life, i am home.. but nvm.. i look at it wif eve's way.. haha.. she say if nvr go out can save money den use the money to enjoy when going out.. nice nice.. was reading the newspaper when i chanced upon this article.. traffic cops in italy are given the chance to drive a lamborghini when on duty.. omg!! i tink everyone will be snatching to be a traffic police.. heres a pic of a lamborghini to sign off..

here's a quiz i took.. omg!! i re-do this quiz thrice but the results stil the same.. its my inner child.. my inner child is 16yrs old.. ok lar, not so bad rite?

My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

hee.. today was actually a very boring day for me.. totally dun feel like going out.. but den ard 5, my friend call me up and say she very sad coz broke off wif her bf.. they were so sweet, so loving.. i was always feel wif envy when i see them together.. smth make me wonder.. lolx..

so i met her 6.15 at cck.. went to play pool, den ate dinner lor.. suddenly i remember that levis today will hav new stock for 593.. den went to the small levis at cck's seiyu.. i was praying hard.. i went thr, ask the salesman if they hav size 26.. i tried it on but its tight.. i remember iris telling me levis jeans will expand after washing.. but i cant buy 27 coz its too big.. if only they hav 26 1/2... haha.. i so happy that i finally bought it.. i immediately call iris coz i recall she told me vivian oso wanna buy ma.. but after buying this, i gonna save up le.. recently i juz updated my bank book and i was like OMG!!! shocked.. really very shocked.. i didn realise that i spent so much.. *bleahz*

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wad happen to my tagboard??? i cant see anything and it hav an error.. irritating..

woke up ard 11, ate abit snack and got rdy to meet the camp commitee members at 2pm.. we went to lido McCafe to discuss our work.. its gonna be a torture camp for them.. i hav lotsa weird and tortourous suggestions due to the fact that i was tortoured before so many times le.. *evil luff*

finally got to meet edwin after not meeting so long.. he sms ard 3plus ask if i wan to go ktv wif adran, jerr, jenny bla bla bla.. since it was ktv, of coz i dun mind la.. went cappage sunlight from 3-6 but becoz they sing not enuff so we extended another hour.. lolx..after that had our dinner at emarald foodcourt den proceed to pot black for pool.. as usual la, coz we hav 2 pool siao thr ma which is ed and adran lor.. played for ard 2hrs den left the place.. make a guess whr we go later and wad we do later? we took jerr's car to bukit timah plaza and started playing POOL again.. but i dun mind la coz i seem to enjoy pool more le.. =p
ard 12, i went off first.. ed accompany me wait for cab at the taxi stand.. hee.. too bad i hav curfew, if not can see him more.. haix.. i always wonder how come some girls dun hav curfew de.. sianz.. reached home ard 12.30 le.. bathe and toss ard on bed, cant get to slp.. den i got up at 4.30 to chat wif ed.. chat till 6.30, we both go slp le.. tink today cant meet ed le coz he busy.. i hate saturdays.. i dun like to be home but yet cant seem to find anyone out.. lolx..

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

i am missing him again.. 3days didn see him le.. i dunno y.. mayb coz see sha always can see faisah ba.. but nvm, he nids to help his family business ma.. understandable.. last nite chatted wif him till 5plus am liddat.. i didn noe it was sooooo late le til i heard my mum alarm clock.. haha.. den today woke up at 9 to go sch for the facilitator thingy.. wahlau, i hav so much commitment now.. scary leh.. 21,22june is camp.. 28,29,30 is freshman orientation.. den after that stil got NDP.. i might be working at the DUCKTOUR wif iris and sha coz they nid 3 ppl for june ma.. the salary quite gd but waste alot of time lor.. imagine when i send tourist to their destination, lets say zoo, den i gotta wait 3hrs for them to finish sight-seeing.. wad am i gonna to do for that 3hrs ne?? lets see how ba..

u noe how much it cost an adult to get on board a ducktour? $33.. yes, its that expensive.. and today when we 3 went to the ducktour thr, the in-charge ask if we are interested to be the duck-guider (to be on board the duck and like a tour guide lor) 1hr=$10 for weekday and $15for weekend.. but this job very stress leh.. hmmm... stil got script to memorise.. oh yar, den the in-charge let us board the duck and observe how the guider do their jobs.. and we board for free leh!! it was so fun.. hee..

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You're Skittles!!! You have a very interesting
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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

today went sch for nth.. dun say le.. dunno wad stupid competition.. anyway, am not interested.. it finish at 10.35.. me n elaine went cuppage eat lunch while iris went for billy's bike lesson.. den walk walk ard, not much new clothes.. ard 2plus, met up wif iris while elaine went to fix her CD-RW.. haha.. accompany iris went yushinoya ate her fav, beef bowl, den went to shop.. went G2000 to try a spag.. but size 7 was too big and i lazy try size 5 so didn bought.. went levis to try the dark colour "593" but no size.. omg!! their stocks run out so fast.. but nvm, the guy told me next wk will hav.. i shall go buy.. imagine their size only left 24, 27, 28, 29... haix.. sad case for me.. didn buy anything...

met up wif my sec sch friends at 6.30 liddat lor.. ate the jap restaurant opposite the yushinoya at taka.. 6 ppl eat ard $110.. the food not that fantastic.. if given a choice, i tink sushi tei taste nicer!! took some pics in jinting cam but she wun wash it so fast de.. anyway, here's a few samples of pics i took wif iris afew days ago.. can find them all in her blog.. but i like this two more..

one of those i like is the twins one, the "pout" one.. but i cant save it.. where is iris? send me leh.. no choice, gotta post those not so pretty ones...

look at my legs!! so huge!! that stupid adran say i fat becoz of this 2pics lo!!

this is okay.. we are pointing at the sky.. =p

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Monday, May 10, 2004

stupid layout... haha.. got to re-used to the layout le lar.. give u guys a bonus pic first.. found it in iris's pic gallery.. she names it "jess n me drunk in sch".. look drunk meh? lolx..

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juz had my lunch and am here blogging le.. ytd went out wif edwin.. he so pig, woke up at 4.. but cannot blame coz he said for the past 96hours, he only slept less den 5hrs due to exam stress.. lolx.. so my dad drive me to bukit panjang and met him at 6pm den took bus to far east, ate dinner there and meet his friend at taka.. den ed and his friend wan to "shape" their pool cue.. so we went to POT BLACK, tink is this name.. played pool while waiting for their turns to "shape".. i took a pic of my toga but is in edwin's phone.. wait for him upload den i post k? i noe u ppl are grumbling abt my boring blog wif no pics but i dun hav camera phone or dig cam.. poor girl ma.. so good things are worth waiting for.. left the place ard 12.. reach home ard 1am.. den i chat wif edwin on the phone till 4.. dunno y so much things to say.. ><

haix, tmr stil got to go sch for dunno wad briefing on wad shit competition de.. so bo liao.. den nite is my sec sch, yun's bday.. go out celebrating wif her..
till den.. -jess-

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Saturday, May 08, 2004

i am home like 8pm or even before that.. well, i went ktv!!! 3-7pm.. shiok shiok.. kbox is so much better.. 4hrs + 2 drinks ard $20 and its on weekend leh.. i saw fei wif his skin head although some grew out le.. so angmoh and nice.. hee.. sang so much new songs.. yay!! next time dun go partyworld le.. thats all and i am home.. such a boring person hor? not that i dunwan go out.. but den the person who call me out i dun like so i rather go home be good girl so tmr can go out wif him ma.. =p

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haix.. edwin is sick!! and i cant go out wif him today.. the day i hav been planning for.. but i wun blame him.. its not him who wan to fall sick.. but i am glad he said his paper is alright means he can grad le.. its god who wan him sick so its god fault..

wad am i to do today? wait for someone to contact me ba.. tmr is mothers' day.. i hereby wish all mothers, happy mothers' day!!! i hope my mum can grow till very old yet healthy.. but i noe its very difficult coz she... thats y i sometimes so dote on her.. wadever she wan from me, i will obey.. now u guys noe why i rarely go clubbing le ma? haha.. *pray*

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Friday, May 07, 2004

3 cheers for jessie!! clap clap clap!!! haha.. i finish my exams lo!! i am so relieved now.. really relieved..

today after my paper, i called my sec sch buddy, jinting, to go orchard wif me to buy siewyun's pressie.. but she can only meet us ard 2.. so me and iris went to far east to look for sha's present but i aint going to say wad it is.. while we were at the shop, we make a friend.. haha.. friendly us tok to the salesgirl and we chat chat.. *hee* while waiting for adran to turn up, me n iris were damn hungry so we went to took neoprint.. those stickers type.. $8 but fun leh.. i very long time nvr play le.. we tried so many stupid post and had fun decorating it.. imagine we had so much fun that when adran was standing beside me, i dun even noe.. lolx.. me n iris are always entertaining ourselves.. even adran oso buay tahan us.. now i am going to start complaining.. noe wad? adran say i am FAT!! imagine saying this to a girl.. omg!! and he dare say i xiao qi when i diam diam... nth to say.. but nvm, i am not so petty de!! *hmpf* did i contradict myself again? haha.. yar, i did.. went to eat sakura at far east when my friend reached.. we walk ard to help her find belt.. end up, all dun match, so she took my belt and used it..

went to mambo at lucky plaza to play pool lor.. played awhile only den went back to far east to buy my another friend pressie.. yes, AGAIN.. bought a bag for her.. den i to buy my mum some cosmetic and a make-up bag alone den i went home.. reach home tok to edwin abit den go out celebrate mummy bday cum mothers' day.. went to somewhr at sembawang thr to eat the chinese food.. actually wanna bring mummy to marche de but she prefer chinese food.. ate sweet and sour fried fish, butter prawn, their special tofu wif sauce, one vege but dunno wad name and sharkfins.. damn, juz now lunch ate so much den now eat so much again.. i am so pig... but who cares? lolx..

edwin is having his last paper tmr le and finally i can see him.. but will be wif his buddies oso.. but i dun mind coz i get to see him.. =p
nitez everyone.. *muackz*

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

hee.. left 1 paper to go!!! so happy.. my QA was manageable.. dunno y my batch so suay.. i did last yr paper, it was kinna easy but my paper was so tedious..nvm nvm.. didn update ytd coz i was being a gd girl stuyding my QA.. noe wad? my freaking ECMT tutor failed my project, mind u, its P-R-O-J-E-C-T.. i have nvr failed a project in my entire life!! and my ecmt paper ytd, hope i dun flunk it.. coz i leave 18m blank and i mean completely blank.. lolx..

when i was on my way home juz now, it was raining very heavily.. luckily i hav my jacket wif me if not i kanna frost bite again.. *exagerating* when i boarded my bus home, it was left wif drizzling so i tot lucky me coz i dun bring umbrella.. but guess my luck is down today, when i alighted from the bus, it suddenly became a downpour!! thr was completely no shelter from the bus-stop to my house.. i ran to the coffee shop 1st and by then i was like wet wet wet.. den when i ran from the coffee shop to my building, smth farking irritating happen to me.. the car let me past first becoz its raining.. but den, my shoes drop out.. wtf rite? i reverse to take my shoe and the driver tot wad happen, y i move back sia.. it was so embarassing!! den i heck-care le, i walk slowly home.. the security guards saw the whole senario.. whr am i suppose to place my face when i greet them next time.. i am like dripping water when i reach home, as if someone push me into the swimming pool.. great!! wad a day to start off...

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

it feels so gd to be able to blog again!! got miss me ma? my com tio the stupid virus which alot of ppl are getting... all thanx to edwin coz he help me dl the patches and teach me how to solve it despite all his exams coming up.. but stil am glad to be able to see him awhile today.. thanx thanx.. hee.. but my com stil unstable.. tink stil got the virus leh coz it will still shutdown de.. hmm.. let me start off wif wad happen on sat..

meet my sec sch friend to go shopping lor.. i finally bought the mango toga le.. den went dinner at BK, my fav, mushroom swiss... continue shop at far east and i found a pleated denim skirt.. =p *happy happy* coz everytime go out wear spag and jeans. muz hav a change ma.. didn study at all on sat.. i dun hav much to write coz i sorta forgot le.. oh ya, we played pool (9 ball de).. i nvr really play 9-ball de but since she like so i give it a try.. tink my luck on sat was like so gd.. won alot alot of rounds due to pure luck..

today, hmmm... wake up, eat breakfast, slag at home, ate abit lunch... i noe very pig.. at 3plus, edwin sms me say he wake up le so i met him at his house downstairs took the cd and diskette.. i tot i tio blasterworm but he told me that he suspect that its some other worms.. and noe wad? his guess was correct and i am wrong.. haha.. i did try to study abit juz now after fixing my com and here i am online again.. ECMT really sux.. i hav completely no idea wad it is talking abt.. hope i dun fail.. pray for me k?

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