Thursday, April 29, 2004

yay!!! i met up wif edwin today... *grinz grinz* didn expected to meet him up this few weeks de ma den suddenly can meet.. filled wif so much happiness.. although didn do much but always satisfied.. study abit bit den walk ard causeway pt coz raining den cant go home.. *there was a very very loud burst at causeway pt taxi stand ard 7, ed say like explosion.. i shocked tio coz real loud.. but i didn kpo go see la* at 3, there was a group of kids performing at the library (3 little pigs).. omg!! they are so cute.. i juz love kids.. one smile from them and i will melt de..

oh ya, my mum make "wu xiang" herself.. den i fried 4 rolls take give edwin try.. he haven try yet coz he out wif his buddies.. hope its nice.. gonna watch show now.. will start studying after american idols.. *if i not tired*

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

today had my MR exam... i am gonna do it so very badly.. to start off, i already had 20marks gone.. haix, dun ask me y.. my seat thr is like damn cold.. the air-con is so strong that my hair keep kanna blew.. imagine that.. i dun hav jacket and i am wearing sleeveless and skirt.. i nearly kanna frost bite.. *hee* no mood to do coz too cold le.. end up i first to leave the class.. *sadz*

heng after exam, elaine suggested going ktv.. that kidda makes me excited.. *typical me* lolx.. went thr sing alot of guys and *old old* song... fun fun though.. =p
haix!! today went shopping.. tried on so many stuffs but none fit me.. start off wif a mango toga (too loose on my shoulder part), mango skirt (nice but i prefer denim coz its khaki material), a billabong denim pleated skirt (omg! i love this skirt but the smallest is size 8.. tink their size 8 is supper big.. coz its like someone tug, and the skirt wil drop), halter neck pink top (tink i cant wear halter cause my shoulder blade very skinny, ugly.. makes my shoulder looks broad and skinny).. sianz rite?

edwin is studying wif dave now.. tmr is edwin first paper.. good luck!! *muackz* *opps*

thanx iris and elaine for de-stressing wif me today. too bad sha nid to teach tuition so cant join us.. *hee*

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

hmm.. the blaw paper was manageble.. luckily not that difficult, if not i confirm die le.. sha left first, den elaine den me.. as usual, iris last to leave.. haha.. reached home ard 12.15.. ate lunch, online den sleep.. i did set alarm at 5 but i press wrongly so it was set to 5am!!! heng i manage to wake up myself at 7.. sms and tok to edwin abit before he rush me to study.. i watch the 7pm show till 8.. got read thru during the advert though. now online update my blog awhile.. *edwin dun scold me k* i gonna study at 10.. solid studying orh.. hope tmr paper is easy.. *buahahhaha*

p.s. yi ling, u wan edwin to treat u the same as he treat me meh? lolx...

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Monday, April 26, 2004

opps.. wad am i doing online again? is not that i dunwan study.. the moment i open up my notes, i doze off.. not once but twice leh.. i only read thru once.. hope that my memory supper gd now.. or else i confirm die tmr.. blaw is so heavy.. so much things to memorise.. the remedies, breach wad type of contracts, conditions... omg!! stil got so many days before i can see edwin.. earliest shld be 8th may le.. its like 12days leh.. how to bear?

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

last nite reached home near 11.. bathe, tok on phone den sleep.. *opps* notice i didn study hor?

today, haix.. i wanna force myself study de.. end up only study 2 chaps of blaw.. omg.. i left wif so many so many.. online dl-ing so many songs.. dl abt 10 songs today.. tink more den that.. strongly recommend xu zhi an_-_bao hu.. nicenice.. and i tink i putting on weight leh.. i ate 4 meals today.. my dad juz bought back tang yuan and i gonna eat now.. lolx.. and iris: i ate bak kut teh for dinner today.. *yummy*

i oso wan to show u guys wad salmon did.. so bo liao hor? but not bad.. i like the first one.. very artistic..

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Bring It On!

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Friday, April 23, 2004

back and bathe le.. hee.. i noe it a bit late, i noe u peeps are gonna scold me.. dun worry.. i online le den go study k? today studied 2chaps of BLAW.. actually not study la, juz write down some brief notes regarding the chap lor.. haha... guess wad i saw at alicia's blog today? she is jealous.. lolxx... she said my blog is abt my daily stuff, some happenings, and .ed. haha.. ali, ali, i mention abt u now wor.. well, dunwan say too much, wait everyone bored to death!! i TRY to study k?

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yawnz!! early in the morning wake up le.. now i am at NGEE ANN!! haha.. accompany edwin study lor.. but he now got lesson till 3 so i am updating my blog.. juz changed the song.. hee.. anyone noe wads the wad is this song? haha.. slowly guess ba.. i purposely dunwan put songs wif lyrics de..
well, here he comes le.. fast hor? lolx.. ciaoz..

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

ya ron, i miss you.. cannot ar? lolx..

haix.. here i am blogging again.. guess thr r no motivation to study.. but being a gd girl, i read thru a few chaps of my MR lecture notes.. note: read, not memorise.. haha.. i packed my whole wardrobe today.. threw away like half of my clothes which i wear at home de.. (all the t-shirts and shorts) den clear alot of clothes to be worn out de coz my pole is like dented le.. mum kb kb me.. smth strange happen to me today..

my previous entry, i mention that i wan to boil herbal tea for him and my family rite? today, edison msg me ask me whr am i.. so i said home lor.. he said he make herbal tea and wan to bring to me.. and of coz i said no need, save it for himself.. but he insisted and since he noe whr i stay, he drove to near my house the coffee shop thr.. so no choice, i went down and took from him.. juz came up only.. i only take from him den went le.. he ask me to acc him eat dinner but i said no!! i sick!! haha.. i bet the one i make is gonna taste like 100times better.. my life is so boring juz like wad iris mentioned in her blog.. sleep, wake up, slag, study, laze ard.. oso nth to update de.. sianz.. how i hope exams quickly finish.. i really hope that after the exams, i can go somewhr other den S'pore to relax myself.. wif sha, iris, elaine or anyone.. *prayz*

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

boo!! haha.. back blogging again.. home the whole day.. bored but meaningful.. guess wad i did today? i shall start from my lunch.. i cook maggi mee with 1hotdog, meatball, crabstick, nugget with extra pepper.. haha.. *pig AGAIN* after my lunch, i tried to boil some herbal tea.. i wan to make it for my family and someone lor.. *hee* weather so hot, somemore exams coming den stress.. hmm.. muz cool down ma.. but my herbal tea too bitter.. haha.. so ended up, pour everything away. tmr i try again..

haix, didn study much again.. only read through the last 2 chaps of MR lecture.. die le.. i gotta make a very difficult choice.. this sat, my uncles they all are going to dunno wad hotel for a dinner buffet to celebrate early mothers' day.. if i go ktv, i cant go the buffet.. as u all noe, i love to eat but i oso love to ktv.. and i really miss veron coz so long didn see her le.. tough decision hor? my voice is gone soon.. so husky now coz i hav a bad cough.. *poor me*...

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

early morning woke up to go sch for the NDP thingy lor.. its not even an interview.. the tutor only brief us on certain things lor.. hmpf elaine!! haha.. she didn go coz i tink she lazy.. worse den pig sia.. after the whole thing finish, not even 11.. so me n iris decided to go eat.. *oink oink* went to meridian foodcourt to eat korean food. we ordered spicy shredded chicken and black pepper beef with rice.. den iris bring me to dark dark place play pool.. haha.. (the one at far east shopping center)

following that, of coz go home lor.. by right i shld study de but haix too tired so went take a nap.. so suprised when edwin called me at 3plus.. cause he playing pool wif dave and guys ma.. *hee* accompany edwin to talk while he eating his roasted chicken rice.. well, and here i am online.. but i proud to say i got read through 2 chaps of blaw notes today.. *cheers for jessie* online awhile den gonna study abit bit more later ba..

p.s. hmm... feel like doing smth sweet for edwin.. =p =p

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Monday, April 19, 2004

hiyee.. notti me again.. suppose to be studying but here i am updating my blog.. awhile while k? *hee* today went sch for CSB test.. we suppose to record the minutes like a secretary after listening to a video conferencing recorded.. shall not go into details as this is boring.. ate fish meat bee hoon for lunch den went home.. faisal came SP to fetch sha again.. so nice of him.. at least better den ...... *opps* haha..

the moment i reached home, washed my face and legs den on air-con and zzzz... woke up at 4plus.. omg!! headache, spinning head.. haix.. called edwin to talk talk.. coz he toking to me so he cant take bus. instead he walked to bukit timah plaza from his sch. though not far, but take a look at the weather.. *muack*

i juz went downstairs to take passport size photos.. coz tmr nid to bring to the interview for the NDP ushering thingy.. $9 for 8pics... hee.. can see all my pimples so obvious de.. hmpf!! stil got to go sch at 10 tmr.. very lazy de.. now my throat like sore sore de..

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Sunday, April 18, 2004


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juz finish eating my brunch.. i am in a better mood now so let me update.. ytd, quite a few ppl ask me out but i dunno who to go out wif.. moreover, i dunwan to go out wif them.. i only wan to see him.. so guess wad? i hav done smth which i hav nvr done in my entire life and would nvr tot of doing it. coz i hav dunno wad paraniod syndroms.. whenever i am alone outside, i would feel as if the whole world is looking and talking abt me so i nvr dare to be alone de.. i rather stay home..

so for ytd, i went out ard 12plus.. wore smth which no one hav seen me in before.. lolx.. feel like dressing up abit.. wore an ankle-length skirt wif a white girly spag.. first of all, went taka, den wisma, heeren, cine.. by the time walk walk, already like 4le.. met one of my sec girl friend at heeren.. she was oso alone and asked if i wanna watch movie. so i said yes lor! tot of watching "passion of the christ" but again NO FATE!! the 4.35 and 6.10 show only left 1st and 2nd row.. omg.. so ended up bought 2tix for "into the mirror".. this movie not as scary as i tot.. more like those thrillers type.. there was a few parts which talk abt split personalities.. it says smth like "if u believe yr reflection in the mirror is another you wif a different personality, this is the time split personalities will occur where you juz spilt yrself up into 2 diff ppl".. i would rate it ard 3/5 ba.. after the movie, we went diff way.. i was so hungry but stil cant sit down alone to eat.. like i say, my paranoid brain.. so bought finger food from old chang kee den proceed home.. as i was too tired, i took cab home. oh yar, i bought smth things today.. hee.. bought a baby yellow B**.. yes, b** again.. *opps* and a few pens coz exams coming.. actually wanna buy a top from GG>5 but so many ppl queueing to try, so i forget abt it.. hee.. ciaoz!

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Friday, April 16, 2004

here's a few pics to make my blog more enjoyable..

notice the little dragon on my hp.. hmpf.. everyone likes to press it..

a pic taken in the library..

as if iris bullying me hor? that finger is elaine's finger, not iris.. lolx..

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well well.. i am home.. had prawn noodles for lunch.. during my blaw lecture break, me and iris binge somemore on chicken wings and milo.. *sinful* went home after the lecture while iris go to BBDC to take a lesson on behalf of billy.. billy ar, u shld noe how fortunate u r.. ard 5, edwin sms me tell me his lesson end le, so i met him 5.20 at woodlands.. but too bad, thr was a jam somewhr so he will be late.. i walk walk ard the entire cold storage and bought sweets..

last time, i nvr like walking or shopping alone.. i feel as if everyone is staring at me.. but now, tink i hav changed slightly le.. jessie grow up le.. yay!! *lame* edwin reached bout 6 lor.. today my turn wait for him le.. but i hao wu yuan yan.. =p went to bought the 7.10 hellboy show.. went to mac and library to slack awhile to wait for 7.10.. the show is quite funny and lame though.. but overall, i will say its not bad, enjoyable.. of coz wif his company, the show even better lar! show ended bout 9.20.. walk home from woodlands den sit at the benches thr lor.. our usual sitting area.. i am gonna miss u, edwin.. coz he say muz concentrate on studying, cannot meet till after exams period.. *mushy* but i stil wan say.. its my blog so i dun care.. *hee* juz bathe and ate maggi mee.. yuckz, feel like puking now sia.. tmr dunno go whr, go out wif who, do wad... hmm...

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

actually tot dunwan update de.. haha... but then, hmm.. anything lor.. had a really fun day today. first, i would really like to apologise to edwin.. for making him wait at least 45mins at orchard and for not able to watch movie wif him.. sorry dear edwin.. *hugz*
for today after sch, alvin drove us (iris,me,sha,elaine) to bugis lor.. went to walk walk ard bugis street first.. damn hot, really cant take it.. so we proceed to bugis junction. the main purpose is for me to buy my tops and skirts but ended up iris bought so many things le.. but nvm, later me, iris, elaine, sha, faisal went to seiyu look at bra.. *opps* me n iris got a habit.. we like to buy pretty bras but not all we wear de.. juz buy coz nice lor.. end up me n iris bought a same design de bra.. den went off to meet edwin.. by then i was already late le. coz iris very troublesome de.. she nid to match.. haha.. met edwin ard 6.40 at orchard.. as iris was waiting for vivian to finish work, we accompany her.. iris so funny leh.. we all luff and luff.. one more thing, iris was so so so fascinated by the 25cents ice-cream from Mac.. at 8 plus, iris realise that vivian will be late so she went home first.. by then, it was too late for movies so me n edwin went borders to see magazines.. slack at a corner and read a few mags.. 10.10 den went starbucks drink coffee. so ciao again.. outside borders i saw my sec sch friend and edwin oso saw a friend of his.. haha.. slack till 11, den went home.. similarly, took bus to bukit panjang den took cab home.. =p

p.s. thanx sha, faisal, iris, elaine for companying me to bugis today.. the fun u all gave me was very enjoyable. edwin, once again, sorry.. *hee*

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

had my lab test today.. omg!! some questions are really out of point.. dunno how to do.. but can pass lor. skipped 2 lesson today, haha.. reach sch ard 1lor.. actually wanted to go bugis wif iris, sha n elaine de.. but my uncle lor, call me to go home early coz nid to sign some insurance thingy.. zzz... luckily they say tmr den accompany me go see clothes.. really hope can meet edwin to watch "passion of the christ" tmr.. dunno if he free anot? hmm... not much stuff to update oso.. thats all folks..

p.s. i got only 48 for elaine's friend test.. omg!!!!!!!!!! cant believe it..

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juz got home and had a bath.. though today didn did much but i happy eunff le.. after sch ard 4.30, went to ngee ann meet up wif edwin.. went to KAP mac to eat den sit down thr study lo.. but of coz we were unable to concentrate lor.. play alot of dumb stuffs and keep laughing.. edwin is so cute!! omg.. later 2 of his friends came oso.. i sort of noe one of them oso.. cant imagine i actually stayed at the mac till like 10pm.. study halfway, we oso went walk walk one round. i bought a few cakes to eat coz mouth itchy ma.. 10 sharp, we left the mac.. walk to the bus-stop and waited for 961 go home.. after walking me up to my house, i dunwan go off so early, so ended up sitting at a bench talk talk lor.. *hee* by 11.20, he left le.. den i go home lor.. *smiling from head to toe now*

rite now, i am rushing my blaw assignment..tmr stil got lab test.. tink gonna do very badly for that le..

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Monday, April 12, 2004

jolin's new album is nice.. the first time i listened to it, it sux.. but subsequently, i find that it's really nice.. let me show u the lyrics.. this song is not very nice but take a look at the lyrics.. i only extract abit only..

毕竟用尽了力气也未必如愿 总是要过去以后才了解
突然我记起你的脸 爱不爱不过一念之间
我们都没错 只是不适合 亲爱的 我当时不懂得
选择是我的 不是你给的 明天自己负责

给昨天的我一个拥泡 曾经她不知如何是好
若我们再见我会微笑 谢谢你 谢谢你 我尝过 爱的好

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Sunday, April 11, 2004


说不上为什么 我变得很主动
若爱上一个人 什么都会值得去做
我想大声宣布 对妳依依不舍
河边的风 在吹着头发飘动
牵着妳的手 一阵莫名感动
我想带妳 回我的外婆家
一起看着日落 一直到我们都睡着
我 想带妳骑单车 我 想和妳看棒球 心意
想这样没担忧 唱着歌 一直走
妳 靠着我的肩膀 妳 在我胸口睡着
像这样的生活 我爱妳 妳爱我
想 简!简!单!单! 爱

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y r gd ppl always hurt? y do ppl let themselves get hurt when they can prevent it? once not enuff, stil muz twice or thrice or even more.. do u put on a false front in front of the person u love? keep alot of unhappiness within u so that he/she doesn't noe becoz u dunwan to add on to his/her prob? is this call stupid or considerate? juz a few question to ponder on and work yr brains..

talk to edwin till 5plus on the phone.. shit, den realise that he hav to go cemetry for qing ming jie at 8.30.. *opps* up till now, i hav done nth constructive yet.. i have a business law assignment to do but am so nua.. that shld be all le..

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

i am home babes and yandaos!! haha... had my bath le.. went orchard wif one of my girl friends today.. bought a pink top from mango.. =p so happy juz now.. played pool wif her den i won quite alot of times. my pool skil aint great so mayb she deproved le ba.. anyway, edwin wif his friends playing pool le, cannot di siao him now.. hee.. i shall be a good girl surf net ba.. all my friends not back yet.. iris, sha n elaine all are out.. 99.9999% wif their darlings.. lolx..

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juz woke up from my sleep.. its only 10.30 n i woke up le..shall start off wif ytd.. met edwin 5 at orchard.. sorry ar, wake u up (from yr pre-mature sleep, lolx), den somemore make u wait for me.. den proceed to shop ard. i wanted to buy a top from mango but dun hav my size. hmpf!! tried on afew but to no avail.. coz my buddy, jinting, and her bf dun feel like goin out alone ytd so she called me and ask if i wan to meet. of coz i said yes la! so long nvr see her le.. edwin is so understanding and sociable.. he tok to him more den i talk to them.. guess we all were out-going so easy to clique.. went coffe club express to slack den went off at 10.30.. walk walk to cineleisure thr took bus home. laughter was everywhr.. but i was so tired that when i got on the bus, i no energy to smile le.. lolx.. reach home ard 12.. mum didn scold me!! so surprised.. i noe for some ppl, 12 is nth but to me is a great thing..

dunno wad to do later.. its a sat leh.. hmmm...

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Friday, April 09, 2004

yawn... i juz came back from the shao mu thing... qing ming jie ma... for sha's: its a festival when u go to the cemetry and pray to yr ancestor.. tink muslim oso hav.. i am so so so tired.. sms edwin but he haven replied yet coz he stil in his dreams. might be meeting elaine ard 2 go orchard, den see edwin how lo..

ytd, meet edwin after my sch ard 5. slack wif him n dave at ngee ann coz he finishing up his website. den went to suntec to eat dinner, walk walk, sit sit... wah, my toes got blister n its so so so pain. wanted to buy a pair of shoes but realise my mum took my atm card w/o returning to me. argh!! took bus to bukit panjang den took cab home. reach home ard 11.45 ba den go bathe.. finally finally i m not so stressed up le.. coz most proj done. but exams are coming so hmmm... jessie is gonna bathe and get rdy to go out soon le. update again prob tonight or tmr..

oh yar, afew pics for u peeps.. thanx to elaine once again!! muackz..
this pic was taken on our trip to conrad..

i so ugly here but take a look at the simling elaine..

last one for the day.. another ugly pic of me.. i sux in spec..

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

stressed out... totally dead... no one can understand.. during the ecmt lesson juz now, me n iris were doing our online assignment and recording down all answers so that we can print out for sha n elaine. coz they 2 were finishing up the other ecmt proj. but the farking printer dunwan to print. juz when i needed it..

after class, we were supposed to take class photo coz my class rap called me afew times to rush me le.. den sha n elaine faster in packing so they went off first. while i wait for iris(as usual coz she slowest) haha.. den went toilet awhile n we cant find sha. so we tot they went off for the photo-taking session. how was me n iris suppose to noe that they were waiting for us at the lift. when we reach thr, gave sha a call but due to mis-communications and the freaking nosiy hurried backgound noise, i totaly cant hear anything that sha say.. tink everyone was stressed up therefore abit of temper here n thr. but shan elaine, not i dunwan tell u whr the location is. but me n iris oso dunno.. we found it by accident.. i oso dunno how to describe. the prob is everyone esp chee wee and the photographer keep rushing me n iris. moreover, thr are like so many classes after us waiting... =)

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

back home after going to iris's house and the conrade hotel.. well, i really hope that for my attachment this yr end, i can work in the hotel industry. it hav been my dream since sec sch. i enjoy mixing wif different types of ppl but the only thing is that i am afraid i might lose my temper at unreasonable customers. muz endure.. well, tmr is my presentation. muz wear formal. somemore taking class photo tmr and meeting edwin for dinner. guess tmr will be my most happening day after like 1wk of not enjoying myself. finally a load of my mind!
i juz now tot of many things to write in my blog but forgot wad stuff le. lolx.. well, i am so happy for sha now. she n Mr YYY are so so happy together. well, all i hav to say to Mr XXX is that dun be too sad. everything is not beyond our control. since u didn clear up everything wif sha in time, i tink everything is too late now. all this might be fate... if u really love her, bless her... from this, i always tink that ppl only tend to regret wad they hav done when its too late.. so peeps out there, do it if u feel like it. dun grumble or cry when its too late.

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yawnz.. hee... guess wad? i juz woke up!
my alarm did rang but tink i dunno. woke up to saw like7 sms on my phone. hahaz... aiya, today tink i wun get a chance to sleep so its gd that i woke up soooo late... my lesson is at 9. now no choice, going for lunch break wif them at 12 lo.. later we going conrad hotel den after that shld be going iris house to finish up our proj.. lecturers are always so stupid. imagine i hav to hand-in 2 projects and 2 presentations on thrus, den stil make us go for this dunno wad hotel trip.. argh!!! stil muz wear semi-formal. i dun care.. i am gonna wear a spag wif jeans plus cardigan... =P

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

now in lesson. so bored... next tues this time i will be having a lab test so now revision but i dunno anything, how to revise? lolx... later at 4pm stil got a test... well, lend me all yr luck, i really nid it!~! juz had a very filling lunch.

well, naughty jessie did tok to ed on the phone last nite til ard 2 ba... actually wanted to tok longer de but cant. coz my test last lesson today. if i tok somemore, today sure will be like zombie... james is meeting elaine today... sha is oso meeting him... iris's dad might be fetching her home. hmm... too bad ed cant meet me. but nvm... i understand de. i shall make use of today do my project ba... *grinz*

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

phew... i am finally done wif my etiquette project. to be handed in tmr... omg... today whole day basically slack at home... actually going out study de but smth crop up so its ok... i hav a fake "meeting" play tmr and we haven plan anything yet. tink last min le. see our coordinations le.. nth much to write today.. gonna sleep soon! coz tmr n wed confirm cant sleep le... hav to rush all proj and prepare for presentation. wads worse is that i hav to visit to conrad hotel... shit man, add on to our load... and oh no! juz remember i hav a test on tues and i haven touch on anything... hee... dun care le, let me get my beauty sleep 1st.

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feeling farked up now

i am feeling so angry... from jux now till now. i shall start wif this morning. early in the morning, i woke up at 9plus to get rdy go sch for proj. reach sch ard 1. den went to book lab. wtf, no lab... all no labs... sha, i didn blame u. fark up not becoz lab not open. nvm, so we decided to go iris's house do. reach le, sha did her part first while me, iris n elaine tok cock. i accompany iris went downstairs buy maggi mee den cook. her dog very cute de. keep scratching my jeans... lolx.
after lunch den do proj. haha.. keep toking in between. so fun ar. muz find a day ton at someone house. it has been so long since i had a good talk wif my girl friends le. really very nice and heart-warming. we slack on iris's bed while toking, ranges from ghost stories to our heart prob... cheers to iris, sha n elaine... actually i suppose to meet my friend edison de. but den due to my friends bday bbq, i went to meet them at farrer rd. left iris house ard 7.30.
this is whr the fark thing came le. i dunno how to go n got lost. i did ask for directions but stil no use. the prob is my ex dunwan to go balestier fetch me coz he got to help bbq. nvm... finally met him at the bus-stop. but i alighted wrongly so he gotta walk to me. by then already 8.30 liddat le... i was in pek chek mood le. went in, saw alot of unfamiliar faces. wish the birthday men happy bday den sat at one corner. at 11.30, i wanted to go home. tot dan wil accompany me home but NO!!! i took 961 from farrer rd all the way to woodlands den walk that long dark scary lane back home. ed, u shld noe how scary now rite? lolx. but i stubborn, insisit on walking... no one is sensitive to my feelings huh? forget it... this is my day... i shld hav juz gone n meet other ppl instead of wasting my time thr...
this is a summary nia, if i write out everything, everyone is gonna get sianz...

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Saturday, April 03, 2004

i overslept today... not i dunwan go lesson but is i overslept. i cant afford to skip anymore if not die... ate fish bee hoon for lunch today lor.. den after lesson ard 3, book com wif elaine to do our proj. den meet szu n javan to play pool at clementi. coz i wanted to meet ed ma, den they hav to go bukit timah. i kidda feel bad wor... ed reach abt 6, brough 2 of his friends along.
at 6, elaine nid to go off coz she by right meeting her mum 7. i accompany her to bus-stop. who noes i got lost... argh!! i noe i stupid k? but thru some help, i got her thr... went back only to found out that szu and javan left. the worse thing is javan's watch is wif me... *opps* went dinenr and study abit wif ed at KAP mac den he continue play pool wif his friends while i go home le...
sorry shin for not being able to make it to Chinablack. i owe u a drink, next time treat u k? happy birthday to you!!!
P.S. my info which i spend time doing in school cant be open from my diskette... shit happens...
something unhappy happen to me today but guess i dun wish to elaborate on it. anyway, i am okay now le... muackz...

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

You're Element is Light. You are friendly, happy,
social, bubbly, and can brighten up any one's
day. You are very kind and a real people person
because you have several friends (or atleast
should). You're cheery nature makes you lovable
and your stunning looks are sweet and stand

What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES)
brought to you by Quizilla

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these pics are taken from elaine's V200 handphone. advertise for her huh? lol...

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zzz... now in lesson... there is an invigilator in my class but too bad i dun give a damn... lolz...
ytd after ssch, stayed back to do project. my TTP proj is date-due today. finally 1 off my mind... met edwin 5pm at clementi to hav dinner... ate western food. yum yum!!! after eating, we saw shin at the main bus-stop. i oso saw afew of my guides junior. they say my complexion better le... *grinz* weather too hot, cannot take it. so went mac to eat the ice-cream waffle de... ate the twist flavour... den boarded 184 to go bukit panjang pasar malam again. opps... on the bus, saw my sec sch friend, tze siang... he was a very gd friend of mine in sec sch and 1yr my senior. we lost contact wif each other coz we both lost our hp before. exchange phone numbers lo... he ar, keep di siao me!!! hmpf!!! drank coconut drink and continue walking. noe wad? there are 4pasar malam at bukit panjang area. walk till dunwan walk liao... ard 9.40 liddat i reach home... haix. continue do proj all the way til 12plus den tok tok abit zzzz le...
tonight is sha's production... me, iris and elaine are all going to support her. jia you orh sha!!!

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